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Tray- 7
Tray- 7
Tray- 7

Tray- 7

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Whether you are looking for a new soap dish, spoon rest, horderves tray or bedside ring dish, this tray will add a spark of beauty to your daily routines.



This tray was hand built from a wet slab of clay, cut and folded over a mold that I made. The pattern has been transferred onto the wet clay by silk screen. There is only a very fine glaze covering on this central area so this piece should not be used for food. 



Please keep in mind that all handmade ceramic pieces are at risk of thermal shock and cracking if their temperature changes too quickly. To keep your tray in good shape, do not microwave and ensure your tray is not terribly cold when adding hot food. A good gauge is that freshly made coffee in a room temperature piece is fine!



Dimensions:  6.75" tall 5" wide x .5" tall

Materials: Iron Rich Stoneware, Cone 6 Electric Glaze,