Welcome to Daedal Goods!

Hi, my name is Kate Westfall and I am the maker behind Daedal Goods! 'Daedal' means 'rich, intricate, adorned and skillfully crafted' and, regardless of the medium I am working in, I aspire to capture these qualities in my work.

My dream has always been to have a craft based business that fulfills my creative passion and provides for my family with the flexibility to raise my little ones at home. When I became a mama in 2020, I knew I needed to rework my pottery making process to make my lifelong dream a reality.

I taught myself how to make mold systems and began slip casting my work. This meant I was able to consistently produce my best designs each time with greater profitability and less strain on my body. Most importantly, I was able to create actual work / life balance and now have the ability to raise my daughter at home and safely include her in 95% of my daily process... this has been such a wonderful growing and bonding experience for both of us.

I'm now getting back to my roots as an educator and am creating actionable, easy to follow, online workshops covering everything I've learned along the way for other potters with similar dreams. These will be launching throughout 2023 (beginning in March) and I can't tell you how excited I am to watch others experience the same transformation I have!

Bio: I was born and raised in western New York by an interior designer and a wood worker so we joke that my love for art is genetic. I attended Alfred University in 2008 with the intention to major in Painting but discovered the third dimension there and emerged in 2012 with a BFA and concentration in Ceramics. I opened my business, moved south to Virginia and began teaching painting and pottery at a local arts center where I was also fortunate enough to be a resident artist. I have since grown my business while teaching one-on-one lessons, group classes and workshops across the country. Most recently, I've switched from throwing and hand building to casting my work which has been an amazingly transformative process that I am now sharing with others via online workshops. 

The last 14 years of working with clay has been a wild ride and I am so excited for this next chapter of creating, teaching and raising my little ones beside me in the studio. Thank you for joining me!

xo Kate